5 Reasons Why You Should Own A Scooter

1. Scooters Are Not Expensive to operate

On Average Scooters get close to 80 miles per gallon of gas

2. The buying price and operating cost is inexpensive

Scooters are competitively priced and you can pick one up for a couple thousand dollars. Maintenance and insurance compared to a car is minimal. With reducing the mileage on your car you will see a payback in no time.

3. Save the environment with less emissions

Newer 4 stroke scooters are very low emissions, Also in production and the disposal of a scooter offer a very minimal carbon footprint

4. Ease of parking

Living in a city you know parking can be a hassle. Some city’s allow you to park between cars on city streets, And 50cc and under scooters can park in city bicycle racks.

5. Scooters can open you to a whole new social scene

Scooter riders come from all makes of diversity. Some old some young, but there all just looking for a good time. There is a lot of scooter clubs that offer fun rides, and edjucational seminars






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