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Howdy, and thanks for coming to the best hoverboard site on the Internet.  On this page, we have all of  the scooter guides for you.  These guides and how to's were created for all skill levels.  If you've accidentally ended up here, you can jump to the main page.If you meant to come to this page, look below to see what guides we have.   There are in-depth hoverboard reviews and all the parts for a hoverboard that you could ever need.

What Topics I Cover

I've tried to model the page after this Consumer Reports scooters page.

There are guides on how to ride your hoverboard, or self balancing scooter, whichever you prefer to call it.

Also we have a couple of guides on picking the best scooter for adults and for kids.  In addition to those two guides, is the basic picking a self balancing scooter guide.  It covers the basics of how to pick your scooter, and what things you should keep on the lookout for.

I hope that these scooter guides are of use to you.  Be sure to leave a comment or shoot me a message via the contact form at the bottom of every page.

Other Sections of the Site

Also, check out the other main sections of the site.   We have the self  balancing scooter reviews page, with lots of quality reviews.  Maybe you need some scooter parts or accessories, if so, I've got you covered.  Or maybe you'd like to read up on the corporate policies and disclaimers for the site.

I need your help though.

It's pretty simple thing really, but I do need your help for it.

I need to know what you'd like me to cover.  What things about self balancing scooters would you like to know about?  What are the problems that always seem to be occurring with your scooter?  What do you wish there was a guide about?

It may seem like these are pretty silly questions to be asking, but there's a real reason why I ask.  I'd like to make this site as useful as possible.  If you look around at other scooter sites, they have the same 4 articles it seems, with only minor changes to the wording of those articles.  That's because research says this is what is searched for most.

I'd like to cover that too, but I'd also like to cover what do people really need to know about.  Whether 10000 or 10 people are searching for a keyword, I want to write it.

Your mission, whether you choose to accept it or not, is to think on this and send me a comment via the comment form at the bottom of the page. (Click on the About link).

The Hoverboard Guides

Sharing what I've learned about self-balancing scooters.

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