What is a Hoverboard Weight Limit?

Why the Weight Limit of a Hoverboard Matters

What's the Best Hoverboard for a 300 lbs. Person?

A hoverboard weight limit?  Are they implying something?

My good friend Freddie hit me up the other day and asked me this:

You know I'm a big guy and I was wondering is there a weight limit for hoverboard riders? What I mean is: will I break a hoverboard?  You know I weigh more than 300 lbs, can you tell me where to find hoverboard that I can use and not break?

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In a hurry? You can jump down the comparison chart that I created and find the best heavy-duty hoverboard that will meet your needs.

I was stumped by this question. When you're shopping for the best hoverboard for a person who weighs 100 lbs., the last thing you're thinking about is how much weight a hoverboard could support.

I was used to questions like where to easily buy hoverboards, or even how to ride a hoverboard, but this one had me confused at first.

Back to the story.

So my buddy is a big dude. He's big enough that if he doesn't want to budge, he's not going to budge. He had been at work, and someone had brought in a mini-Segway. He loved it. But he was afraid that the mini-Segway couldn't support him, and he wanted my help. He needed help to find the hoverboard / segway weight limit

This is what I do.
Capt. Save-a-ho Hoverboard to the rescue.

Honestly, when he first asked me the question, I didn't know what the hoverboard max weight limit even was, or why it even mattered.  I image you could exceed the posted weight limit on hoverboard specs, but you probably wouldn't want to. But was it that important? It was probably some crazy number anyway.

Off to the internet, I went, doing some research and reading all of the fine print that I could find.  I had to visit some unsavory sites; I even ended up on one site promising the "good smart electric hoverboar"  (that's how they had it spelled).

You would not believe some of the things I saw.  Can you believe that someone has made hoverboard porn videos?  Whether hoverboard sex is your thing or not, you have to give them credit for the agility and planning that's involved.  But there, in those deep and dark places, I found what I was looking for... (it wasn't hoverboard porn.  Jeez, some people)

If you weigh more than 300 lbs, you run the risk of possibly seriously hurting yourself in a fall.

Yes, a 100 lb. a person could hurt themselves, but the 300 lbs. person is likely to be more injured.

A kid can ride, slip, fall and bounce right back. I would hate to hear you fell and hurt yourself. If you decide to go for a ride, make sure that you find out what the hoverboard weight restrictions are.

Typically you can find the on the vendor's website or the box that it came in. Any quality page will have it listed in the specs. (Like this one does. =)

If you are sitting there on your side of the computer screen right now, cursing me for saying something like this, I do apologize.

If you decide that you're going to do whatever you feel like doing, then by all means, don't let me stop you.

I'll go back to working on my self-balancing scooter blog. Take 5 minutes and read this page on how to ride a hoverboard.

It might save you from being on one of those YouTube videos of people wiping out horribly.

How Do They Find How Much Weight Can A Hoverboard Hold?

Discovering max load is done by the manufacturer during the testing phase of product development, theoretically. Though any hoverboards that are UL-2272 certified have to report the weight

With many of the current issues people are having with cheap hoverboards exploding or catching on fire, I doubt they underwent much testing.

The Consumer Products Safety Commission has launched several investigations into the safety of self-balancing scooters.  Interestingly enough, they are also looking into a self-balancing scooter rider's weight and if the programming compensates for the wide range of weights for American riders have.

Multiple reminders on the DIY repair articles that read something like:  "Only attempt to repair your own hoverboard if you feel comfortable performing all of the required steps, and have some technical experience.  If your hoverboard is broken beyond a simple fix, why not consider a brand-new UL certified hoverboard from ScooterEra?  Click here to see our hoverboards"

What is the weight limit of a hoverboard?

The weight limit for a hoverboard varies by model, but these are the typical values:

  • A 4.5" hoverboard weight limit is 120 lbs. (55 KG.)
  • The 6.5" hoverboard has a suggested weight limit of 220 lbs. (100 KG.)
  • An 8" hoverboard has a recommended weight limit of up to 265 lbs. (120 KG.)
  • 10" hoverboards have a maximum load capacity of 330 lbs. (150KG.)

These are just a rough estimate; every brand has a slightly different scale, but these numbers work great as a place to start shopping.  I haven't found a hoverboard that has a payload capacity of more than 330 lbs, though I am looking.

The Scooterera Extreme is for those seeking adventure!

What's the Weight Limit for the Scooterera Extreme Hoverboard?

The SE Extreme weight limit is 265 lbs. For this small gadget, that is a great amount with a smooth ride.

This popular hoverboard guarantees a great ride and is very durable. Known as the hoverboard for those looking for adventure, it features:

  • All-terrain, shock-absorbent tires
  • 8.5" alloy rims
  • Dual 400w motors
  • 15 km/h top speed
  • IP54 dust-proof / waterproof
  • Front and rear LED lights - provide illumination
  • Bluetooth connectivity - control your hoverboard using a smartphone or tablet
  • Wireless speaker - play music right from your hoverboard!
  • Sleek design with over-sized mudguards
  • Fully charged in just 2.5 hours
  • 15 km range with full charge*

*Range under ideal riding conditions (flat, even terrain)

The Hoverboard Segway Weight Limit is 220 lbs
The New MiniPRO Hoverboard Segway weight limit is 220 lbs.

What's the Weight Limit for the Segway Hoverboard?

The Segway weight limit for the miniPRO hoverboard is 220 lbs. I was rather surprised at that because the construction of the Segway MiniPro looks much more rugged than many of the other Amazon hoverboards.

It just shows that you can't judge a hoverboard by its looks alone. If you're going to buy a hoverboard, you have to take a few minutes and look at the different performance specs. Many of the hoverboards that you can buy look almost the same. And they probably are the same on the exterior. However, there can be vast differences between two hoverboard brands internal components.

A Weight Capacity Better Than Most

The Phunkeeduck vs. the IO Hawk? The Phunkee duck can hold a heavier rider.

There's More to The PhunkeeDuck Personal Transportation Device

One of the most popular self-balancing scooters available, the PhunkeeDuck also boasts one of the highest build qualities, with a more solid feeling device than many other models. This self-balancing board's weight limit is a heavy-duty 300 lbs. In the off-chance that something happens and your board breaks, you have a one-year warranty to get the damage fixed.

The hoverboard jamie foxx rode
This is the Jamie Foxx hoverboard
The Monorover
A Monorover Hoverboard

Do You Know What's the IO Hawk Weight Limit?

The IO Hawk is one of the first self-balancing scooters that sold in the US. Being one of the first hoverboards sold in the US meant that the IO Hawk might have been over-engineered.

That design allowed the IO Hawk weight limit to reach 280 lbs. If only that engineering didn't also come with a heftier price tag.  The IO Hawk has gone down in price, though it's still pretty expensive at $1300.

Skque Electric Self-Balancing 2 Wheel Scooter

Skque hoverboards come in several different styles and sizes. What's even better... all of them have a max load capacity of 264 lbs. (120 kg.)

A new brand of hoverboard that is beginning to get noticed is the Skque brand hoverboard. It boasts some pretty impressive stats and features.

  • Comes in 3 sizes with 6.5", 8" and 10" wheels
  • It'll support a rider of up to 264 lbs.
  • Remote control and this is a hoverboard with Bluetooth speakers.

See what I mean? Pretty impressive.

Coupling those features with a low price makes the Skque hoverboards an excellent choice if you need a hoverboard that can support more than 220 lbs.

See all the Various Skque Hoverboards

Skque has more than 10 different models to choose from, so there is a hoverboard no matter what your needs are.

Jetson V6 Smart Self-balancing Electric Scooter from Target.com.

Recently announced as the exclusive brand of Target.com, the Jetson V6 was known as the Glyro Turbo Hoverboard from Jetson Electric Bike Co. I thought the Glyro/Jetson Electric brands had gone out of business. I was wrong, however, and Jetson is now the Target.com in-house brand.

A closer look:

  • 6.5" smart self-balancing scooter
  • Ten mph top speed.
  • Estimated range approx. 15 mi. on a 2-hr. charge time.
  • Includes the free Jetson RIDE READY-APP
  • Bluetooth Speakers and LED lights
  • Three modes of operation, allowing you to adjust speed and sensitivity to rider's skill level.
  • It'll support a rider of up to 300 lbs.

The Jetson V6 hoverboard is very impressive. Built with Samsung components, this is a hoverboard that should perform very nicely.  It includes Bluetooth speakers, LED lights. Several modes of operation, a hoverboard app for iOS and Android (once I get a download link, I'll include it here).  It's also one of the only hoverboards with a weight limit of 300 lbs.

The Jetson V6 is only sold online at Target.com for $399.99


The Alien Saw from Streetssaw is an 8" hoverboard with Bluetooth speakers that supports a hoverboard weight limit of 280 lbs.

What is the Weight Limit for a Hoverboard from StreetSaw?

StreetSaw has several nice looking hoverboards, and this brand is becoming more popular all the time. The max loads the StreetSaw hoverboards support make them look even better. Like the Skque hoverboards, the lowest max rider weight is 265 lbs.

Then there's the 8" AlienSaw.  This hoverboard can carry some of the heaviest riders, with a rated capacity of 280 pounds (127 kg.) But wait there's more.  Some of the features of the AlienSaw 8" hoverboard:

  • Maximum load capacity: 280 lbs.
  • Top speed: 10.5 mph.
  • Max Range: 12.5 mi.
  • Special features: includes Bluetooth speakers and LED light show
  • Aviation magnesium alloy frame.
  • 8" hoverboard wheels, allow you to that this hoverboard off-road. (Not quite all the way, but this can drive over a lot of terrain that a 6.5" hoverboard wouldn't be able to.

If you're looking for a big and tall hoverboard, or at least one that can handle a rider that's more than 250 lbs. than look no further, this is your hoverboard.

StreetSaw is currently out of stock on the Future Pro Hoverboards.  Those have a rider weight capacity of 300 lbs.  Hopefully, they get more in soon.

See all the Different StreetSaw Models

StreetSaw has several different models available.  Most come with Bluetooth speakers and support riders up to 265 lbs. If you have a heavier rider than that, go with an AlienSaw, it will support up to 280 pounds. For a rider who weighs more than 300 lbs. you'll have to wait for the Future Pro 8" hoverboard to be back in stock.

The Weight Limit on Hoverboard Brands

Here are the maximum loads for several models. If you can't find it, check your hoverboard user manual.  Be sure to check each model before riding. Some of the models listed may be out of stock currently.  The hoverboard with the highest weight capacity that is currently available is the StreetSaw AlienSaw or the new Jetson V6.

BrandModelHoverboard Weight LimitHoverboard Weight
LerayHoverboard220 lbs.26 lbs.
MonoroverR2 6.5" personal rover220 lbs.
PowerboardHoverboard220 lbs.26 lbs.
RazorHovertrax 2.0 Hoverboard220 lbs.27 lbs.
SegwaySegway MiniPro Smart Self-balancing Personal Transporter220 lbs.28 lbs.
SwagtronT1 Hands-Free Two Wheel Self-balance Scooter220 lbs.25 lbs.
SwagtronT3 Hands-Free Smart Balance Scooter220 lbs.25 lbs.
SwagwayX1 Hands-Free Smart Balance Board220 lbs.27 lbs.
Ultra HoverboardBLACK LAMBORGHINI HOVERBOARD220 lbs.27 lbs.
Skque6.5" Smart Self Balancing Scooter264 lbs.29 lbs.
Skque10" Hoverboard with Bluetooth264 lbs.30 lbs.
HovercreationsHoverCreations Self Balancing Board265 lbs.25 lbs.
Skque8" Hoverboard with Bluetooth265 lbs.30 lbs.
StreetSawCoolSaw 6.5" Self-balancing electric scooter265 lbs.25 lbs.
StreetSawDailySaw 6.5" Hoverboard265 lbs.25 lbs.
StreetSawStabilitySaw Hoverboard 10=inch265 lbs.30 lbs.
Zippyboard10 inch Bluetooth Two Wheel Smart Self Balancing Scooter265 lbs.22 lbs.
Zippyboard6.5 inch Two Wheel Smart Self Balancing Electric Scooter265 lbs.22 lbs.
Zippyboard8 inch Bluetooth Two Wheel Smart Self Balancing Scooter265 lbs.22 lbs.
IO HawkI O Hawk280 lbs.28 lbs.
PhunkeeduckPersonal Transporter280 lbs.27 lbs.
StreetSawAlienSaw 8" Bluetooth Hoverboard280 lbs.25 lbs.
StreetSawFutureSaw 6.5" Hoverboard with Bluetooth285 lbs.25 lbs.
Jetson ElectricV6 Hoverboard300 lbs.22 lbs.
StreetSawFutureSaw 8" Hoverboard with Bluetooth300 lbs.25 lbs.
StreetSawNow Accepting Pre-orders - RockSaw Off-Road Hoverboard300 lbs.

ZippyBoard 6.5" Hoverboard

  • Several metallic colors to choose from
  • Multiple body styles all high load capacity
  • Extremely low priced
  • Supports rider's weight's up to 265 lbs

StreetSaw AlienSaw 8" Hoverboard

  • Multiple Colors available
  • Includes Bluetooth Speaker
  • Strobing LED Lights
  • Supports rider's weight's up to 280 lbs

Skque 6.5" Hoverboard

  • Several metallic colors to choose from
  • Multiple body styles all high load capacity
  • Includes Bluetooth Speakers
  • Supports rider's weight's up to 265 lbs

How much does a hoverboard weigh?

Most hoverboards weigh about 25 lbs. It can vary from as low as 22 lbs. to as much as 30 lbs. The weight of a hoverboard doesn't have any effect on a hoverboard's weight limit.

What DOES have an effect on the weight limit is anything a rider might carry while using the self-balancing scooter. A good example might be a backpack or other hoverboard accessories. Be sure to add that weight to any calculations.

How Much Does a Hoverboard Weigh Limit Matter? What Happens if You Overload a Hoverboard?

I get asked this question fairly frequently. Here's what I usually tell people. Just as with any piece of machinery, the rated capacity is what the vendor says the device can support under normal use. Sure, if you're only a few pounds over your hoverboard's weight limit you can probably use it and not have any issues.


It could work perfectly fine until  you hit a slight bump that causes you to bounce a little on your self-balancing scooter. And since you've overloaded it, that little bounce causes too much stress on the middle part of your hoverboard.

In a split second, your perfectly working hoverboard becomes nothing more than a hunk of junk.

Yes, you can use your hoverboard even if you weigh more than the recommended maximum rider weight. Just be aware that if you hit a bump, you just might break it in half.

Help! I Didn't Read This Article, and I Broke My Hoverboard in Half, Can it Be Fixed?

Don't worry, if you have a hoverboard that's broken like the one in the picture, you can purchase a replacement frame and rebuild your hoverboard.  I should have a guide up soon on how to do that. If you need help before then, just send me a message and I'll explain how to fix it. Also, have you tried calibrating your self-balancing scooter?

The Best Hoverboard for An Overweight Person?

If you're over 300 lbs, I don't recommend any hoverboards currently.  Thought the Jetson V6 is REALLY, REALLY close to changing my mind. There's not really any that are designed to withstand that heavy of a load while being used.  This may change, and it I find any hoverboard maximum weight capacity that can support a rider who weighs more than 300 lbs, I'll update this article.

Like I mentioned before in the article, if you are going to ride on a smart balancing board, be sure to find the safe hoverboard maximum weight it can hold before you begin to ride. The last thing that you would want to happen is for the scooter to break or crack an axle and you to fall and hurt yourself.

Finishing up my story about my buddy...

I did all this research, (it was a good bit of a couple of days) trying to find the best one for him. I hit him up, to tell him what I had found, and he was all "Who cares, YOLO!!!!!!!" He had decided to just buy the one from the girl that had shown it to him for the first time. He broke it the next night. I figure it was probably overloaded by at least 150 lbs.

If you know of a hoverboard max weight more than 275 lbs, please use the comment form at the bottom of the page to tell me about the unit.

I hope this has shown you the answer to "How Much Weight Can a Hoverboard Hold."

Ready to buy?

UL Certification ensures hoverbaords have been rigorously tested

Weight Limit For Hoverboard Infographic

Check it out, I made an infographic. It shows some of the different weight limits for hoverboards, along with their rated capacities. If you have more hoverboard questions, I'd love to hear them.

Here's An Infographic About Hoverboard Weight Limits

Hoverboard Weight Limit: Why This Matters More Than You Think


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