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SE One vs Swagway X1

Jun 16, 2017

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. Looking for a hoverboard like the Swagway X1, only better?  The SE One from ScooterEra offers amazing value, with improvements such as:   Even safer:  Not only are the SE One’s battery and charger UL Certified, the entire hoverboard itself is certified under UL Certification UL-2272…

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Hoverboard Accessories

Sep 29, 2016
Self Balancing Hoverboard Accessories And Extras

The best hoverboard accessories to go with your self balancing scooter. Beyond the accessories, I even go into detail showing why you don't want to buy one style of hoverboard case. Also there are hoverboard stickers and much more.

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Swagway X1 Hands-Free Smart Hoverboard Review

Sep 28, 2016
A review of the Swagway X1 Hands Free Smart Board
The Swagway X1 is currently on clearance for $299.  Use the Swagway coupon code:  swag-78A540XUCH to save even more money.
The Swagway-X1 hands-free smart hoverboard- blue, garnet red, green, eight colors in all- is the fastest and most customizable self-balancing electric scooter available. Own one of these and you'll move in a way you never dreamed possible. The Swagway X1 Hands-free Smart Board was the most popular hoverboard for Christmas 2015. For the month of November, the company was inundated with 250,000 minutes of support and customer service calls. In December, Amazon pulled them from their store amid concerns with how safe they were. The company was quick to supply Amazon the documentation showing that they were UL-certified for the charger and the battery inside the units. You'll see for yourself in this scooter review. After the recent safety recall of hoverboards, Swagway has introduced several different technologies to the X1 to provide for user safety. All Swagway X1's now include the SentryShield battery casing.  I cover the SentryShield in my Swagtron T1 review, but it is designed to make the battery fire-proof. 

For a limited time only, the Swagway X1 is on sale for $299.99! Plus if you use my coupon code, you can get extra savings off the price. That code is swag-78A540XUCH. Be sure to add the extended warranty for an additional year of warranty protection.

swagway x1 reviews rate this highly

The Swagway X1: Rated 4.1 out of 5 stars with 361 reviews when it was still on Amazon

A Quick Summary

Who's it for? Anyone wanting to buy the coolest new gadget.


  • Ten mph top speed
  • Medium curb weight of 26 lbs.
  • Samsung battery is safer than other no-name brands
  • Typically recharges in under 2 hours.
  • Includes the new SentryShield tech to make the battery safer.


  • The plastic of the chassis shows the lightest scrapes.
  • The poor adhesive used to glue bumpers onto frame. If you lose your bumpers, replacements are available.
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How Safe Is the Powerboard by Hoverboard? A Review

Sep 27, 2016
Reviewing the New Powerboard by Hoverboard

The Powerboard by Hoverboard: A Complete Review of the Best-selling Hoverboard

Right now the Powerboard by Hoverboard is the lowest priced hoverboard available on Amazon. Click here to see the prices for yourself.
If you've been to any major mall in the US in 2016 you've probably seen a kiosk selling hoverboards. The Powerboard by Hoverboard is one of the most common brands sold. In this review, I'll cover the following topics, to help you decide if the Powerboard is the right hoverboard for you.

  • Confused by the many different brands of hoverboard that you can buy? Find out what some of the things that you should look for if you are buying a hoverboard.
  • Why should you buy a Powerboard? You'll learn what makes this one of the best-selling hoverboards that you can buy.
  • Watch out for hoverboard prices that are too high, or too low. See how the Powerboard compares to other self-balancing scooter brands.
  • See the best hoverboard comparisons or the main hoverboard page.

I cover all these points and more inside this review of the Power board by Hoverboard.


The Powerboard by Hoverboard is an average performing self-balancing scooter that does little to differentiate itself from the competition. Yet, this hoverboard is sold at a great price and the company behind it has been quick to address any issues that have arisen. There may be a few hoverboards that are better than this performance wise, they can't beat the price. You may also like the Swagtron T1 Smart Balance Hoverboard

My Rating:  88.3 / 100         ★ ★ ★ ★ ☆

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Master List of Hoverboard User Manuals

Sep 27, 2016
hoverboard user manuals for multiple brands

Trying to find a User Manual Sucks

Hoverboard user manuals , who needs one?

All you do is turn it on and go, right?

Most of the time, that's the case no big deal, nothing too difficult.

But what does that red blinky light mean?

Why does my hoverboard have an orange light when I try to charge it?

These are all issues that are covered in the different user manuals below.

I've tried to include as many of them as I can find.

If you find that you need a specific manual that I don't have included below, shoot me a message and I'll try to find it.

Swagway X1 Owner's Guide

The user operations manual for the Swagway X1. It wasn't too difficult to find, though there's not a link to it from the page on Amazon (when it's listed there), the official page , or the page (where it's also sold.)

From the user manual:

  • When the low battery indicator turns on, get off your Swagway X1. The Swagway will not balance and you will fall.
  • Max slope of 30 degrees. Other places say that the max slope is only 10-15 degrees.
  • Does your Swagway pull to the left or right? You might need to recalibrate it. Inside are the instructions on How to Recalibrate the Swagway X1.

Download the Swagway X1 Owners Manual

The Swagway X1 Hands Free Self Balancing Smart Board

See what I thought of the X1 from Swagway.

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Phunkeeduck Personal Transporter

Sep 24, 2016
The hoverboard jamie foxx rode


The hoverboard of the stars, the Phunkee Duck

The PhunkeeDuck personal transportation device is the next era of transportation. Riding one of these will change your world. You've seen some of your favorite celebrities riding one. Now you can see some of the other hoverboards for sale: self-balancing scooter comparison, Razor Hovertrax Self Balancing Scooter, A Pink Hoverboard by Powerboard.

I recommend the Swagtron T1 hoverboard, see why I think it's a top hoverboard to buy.


It's the original personal transportation device that all the hottest names on Instagram and YouTube were seen riding this past summer.


Personal transportation device shall be deemed to include motorized foot scooters, motorized skateboards, pocket motorcycles and all other similar devices, but shall exclude motorized wheelchairs, motor driven cycles, mopeds, electric-assisted bicycles, motorcycles, and electronic personal assistive mobility devices. Source

What does all that mean?

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Jetson V6 Hoverboard w/ Bluetooth From

Sep 24, 2016
Review: Jetson V6 8" Hoverboard with Bluetooth Speakers

Jetson Electric Hoverboard aka Glyro Hoverboards

It appears that Jetson Electric, which is the name of the company selling the Glyro Turbo hoverboards, is no longer selling hoverboards.  If you visit their site at JetsonElectric dot com, you'll see a site that hasn't been updated since 2014. They are now the exclusive brand of hoverboards that Target will be stocking. I'll update this page as I learn more.

If you're researching hoverboard brands, you should see my hoverboard comparison review, or for the #1 rated hoverboard, the SwagTron T1 review.

Your Search for a Self-Balancing Scooter With Bluetooth Speakers is Over.

The Features of the Glyro Self Balancing Scooter with Bluetooth Speakers.

  • The Glyro scooter uses two sensors, along with the wheels to automatically balance itself and the user.
  • It's water resistant (not WATER-PROOF) so you can use it in wet conditions. This doesn't mean that you can take it for a spin in during the next
    hurricane. This is not an off-road scooter, so don't play with it in mud or water.
  • Recommended for ages 13 and up
  • There's a Samsung lithium-ion battery.
  • Includes Bluetooth speakers that will sync with your phone so you can play your favorite music while riding the Glyro Turbo.

Like the other scooters and hoverboards that are currently available, the Glyro Turbo Scooter is fast and can move in any direction just by changing your balance while riding. It uses an innovative balance system to help minimise the chances of you falling while riding the Glyro.

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Razor Hovertrax 2.0 Review: A Look At the New Hoverboard

Sep 21, 2016
Razor Hovertrax 2.0 review

Razor Hovertrax 2.0 Review: A Look At the New Hoverboard


Razor USA recently released the Hovertrax 2.0 hoverboard. They have added several new features to this self-balancing scooter, all designed to make it a safer and better quality product. See what these new features are and how the Hovertrax 2.0 compares to other hoverboard brands.

It might not be the fastest hoverboard, but it is probably one of the best hoverboards to get for kids. It will let them do anything they would want to with a hoverboard, but the slower speed may keep them out of accidents.

Shop at Amazon
Hovertrax 2.0 Features Two New Control Modes

The specs for the Hovertrax 2.0

Several color choices are available for the Hovertrax 2.0: green, blue, red, black, and white.
The Hovertrax hoverboard comes in 5 different colors: green, red, blue, black, and white.


Top Speed 6 mi/h (9.5 km/h)
Speed is one of the most important stats of any hoverboard. The Hovertrax 2.0's top speed is 6 miles per hour. This is surprisingly slow, especially when it's compared to other brands which average around 8 mi/h. That's 25% faster.

Battery Life 60 minutes
After speed, the next important stat for any smart balance board has to be the battery life. How long the battery lasts, depends upon several factors: rider weight, temperature, active usage. The battery capacity for the Hovertrax is estimated to be 60 minutes.

Weight Limit 220 lbs. (100 kg.)
The Hovertrax 2.0 weight limit is 220 lbs. This is the standard maximum rider weight for self-balancing scooters.

Product Dimensions 24.5 in. L x 9 in. W x 8.75 in.
The Hovertrax is the standard size for a hoverboard with 6.5″ wheels. It measures: 24.5” L x 9” W x 8.75” H

Weight 27 lbs. (12.2 kg.)
Unloaded the Hovertrax weighs in at 27 lbs.

Available Colors 5 different colors
The Hovertrax is available in 5 different colors: White, Black , Blue, Green, and Red.

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How To Make Your Hoverboard Safe And Avoid Danger

Sep 12, 2016
The 2016 Safe Hoverboard Guide for Parents


Hoverboards have for some time gained a dangerous reputation. There have been numerous incidents reported of self-balancing scooters bursting into flames. Because of this, many concerned parents took steps to limit the danger to their children and anyone else that might choose to ride a hoverboard. It even led to a recall of more than 500,000 hoverboards. If you follow these eight simple steps, you'll only experience a hoverboard accidents on video while watching YouTube.

WORKING TOGETHER TO MAKE SAFE HOVERBOARDS is responsible for many safety standards designed to keep us safe.


The Underwriters Laboratories (UL) has recently introduced a protection standard it has dubbed UL 2272. The standard is supposed to address the dangers caused by hoverboards, and vendors have implemented adequate protections for riders.


The hoverboard fire was nearly successful in burning down it's owner's house.


It is designed to support the manufacturers and retailers by evaluating and certifying hoverboards electric drive train systems, batteries, chargers, basically the entire electrical system. By taking the time to ensure the hoverboard that you're considering is UL certified, you'll have other things to worry about than your hoverboard catching on fire.


This is the label for devices that have passed UL2272 electrical systems for self-balancing scooters safety standard


Be sure to always check the UL mark on the packaging, the charger, and the actual hoverboard.  Some retailers have been caught using fake UL markers. These counterfeit certified hoverboards are anything but safe. The official UL mark is a holographic label, with multiple colors and viewing angles.


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Leray Self Balancing Scooter: The Dreamwalker

Sep 10, 2016
The Leray Hoverboard has returned to

The Leray Self Balancing Scooter: Dreamwalker

The Dreamwalker Self Balancing Hoverboard

Amazon Recently Removed All Hoverboards

The Leray Dreamwalker has been hit especially hard with the recent removal of all hoverboards from Amazon. I haven't been able to locate somewhere else that they are sold online. Once I do, I will update this page accordingly. In the meantime, look at my hoverboard deals page to see the most recent discount hoverboards .

The Leray Self Balancing Scooter is back on Amazon. You might have heard that Amazon had recently pulled all the hoverboards off the market. The X1 from Swagway, the Razor Hovertrax, the hoverboard from Powerboard, and most other brands were removed temporarily.

Yet, all that drama has passed, and they are once more available to buy.

The Dreamwalker: A Leray Scooter

Stylish : You’ll be amazed at what you can do while riding the Leray 2 Wheel Electric Self Balancing Scooter. With the ability to do a full spin in one spot you can take this anywhere the ground is smooth, and even some spots where the ground isn’t.

FUN: There’s nothing that’s quite like riding a hoverboard. Be the envy of your neighborhood once they see you on the Leray.

POPULAR : Everywhere you look there’s a new celebrity found riding on a Leray self balancing scooter. Now you can too.

Quality: This a well-built project, and that we back with our guarantee. This is the only self balancing scooter sold with CERTIFIED LG 18650 battery packs.

You will never hear about one of our hoverboards exploding. Or that a Leray hoverboard caught on fire.

The Dreamwalker Hoverboard Motor

Inside each of the two-wheel electric scooters that we build is an extremely powerful motor. Rated at 500 W, it’s was designed for the toughest conditions. It has the most environmentally friendly motor. It’s so advanced that we call it the Dreamwalker motor.

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