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Aug 14, 2016
Hoverboard/electric scooters Are the Next Era of Scooters

About ScooterEra: This a site created by me because I was being asked by all of my friends and family about hoverboards and smart boards, and all the other names for the newest generation of electric scooters

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Help! What is the Weight Limit For a Hoverboard?

Jul 31, 2016
Learn About the Max Weight Limit for a Hoverboard




A hoverboard weight limit?  Are they implying something?

My good friend Freddie hit me up the other day and asked me this:

You know I’m a big guy and I was wondering is there a weight limit for hoverboard riders? What I mean is: will I break a hoverboard?  You know I weigh more than 300 lbs, can you tell me where to find hoverboard that I can use and not break?

In a hurry? You can jump down the comparison chart that I created and find the best heavy-duty hoverboard that will meet your needs.

Jump to the Comparison Table

I was stumped by this question. When you’re shopping for the best hoverboard for a person who weighs 100 lbs., the last thing you’re thinking about is how much weight a hoverboard could support.

I was used to questions like where to easily buy hoverboards, or even how to ride a hoverboard, but I was stumped at first.

Back to the story.

So my buddy is a big dude. He’s big enough that if he doesn’t want to budge, he’s not going to budge. He had been at work, and someone had brought in a mini-Segway. He loved it. But he was afraid that the mini-Segway couldn’t support him, and he wanted my help. He needed help to find the hoverboard / segway weight limit

This is what I do.
Capt. Save-a-ho Hoverboard to the rescue.

Honestly, when he first asked me the question, I didn’t know what the hoverboard max weight limit even was, or why it even mattered.  I image you could exceed the posted weight limit on hoverboard specs, but you probably wouldn’t want to. But was it that important? It was probably some crazy number anyway.

Off to the internet, I went, doing some research and reading all of the fine print that I could find.  I had to visit some unsavory sites; I even ended up on one site promising the “good smart electric hoverboar”  (that’s how they had it spelled).

You would not believe some of the things I saw.  Can you believe that someone has made hoverboard porn videos?  Whether hoverboard sex is your thing or not, you have to give them credit for the agility and planning that’s involved.  But there, in those deep and dark places, I found what I was looking for… (it wasn’t hoverboard porn.  Jeez, some people)

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UL-2272 The New Hoverboard Safety Standards

Jul 16, 2016
UL 2272 self-balancing electric scooter electrical systems safety standard

Hoverboards are coming back! Remember how big of a craze hoverboards were for Christmas 2015? At least they were until they started catching things on fire, or even worse, deciding to explode. That’s not to mention the countless videos of people falling off of a hoverboard. The situation became so bad that the Consumer Products Safety Commission advised people not to buy them.

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Hoverboard Blog

Jul 10, 2016
Hoverboard blog with the latest news and information about hoverboards

Working to make the blog your trusted source for the latest articles, reviews, and guides about hoverboards and self-balancing scooters. On the site there are quality product reviews, in-depth guides, and fun tutorials to customize your hoverboard. Come see for yourself.

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500,000 Hoverboards Recalled: Is Yours One?

Jul 10, 2016
Swagway, Powerboard, Hovertrax, all are included in the hoverboard recall

A Major Recall of almost 500,000 Hoverboards was Announced Today

Breaking news: a major hoverboard recall has been announced for several different brands of hoverboard. It's unclear whether additional models will be added to this list.  Currently, here are the brands and models that have joined the recall:

  • Swagway X1
  • Powerboard by hoverboard
  • Razor Hovertrax
  • the Hype Roam
  • the Wheeli
  • the iMoto
  • X Rider
  • the Airwalk Self-balancing electric scooter
  • MobileTech
  • Hover Shark
  • NWS
  • Back to the Future
  • 2Wheelz
  • any hoverboards purchased from
  • any purchased at Boscov's

As you can see there are several different brands included, but the investigation is still ongoing, so the CPSC says that it is possible more brands or models could be added in the future.

What to do if your an owner of one of these models?

The exact procedure varies from brand to brand, so you will have to contact either the brand or the store where you bought your hoverboard. Typically what will happen next is that you will be required to show proof of purchase, and then they will have you send in your hoverboard. Once the vendor has it, they may repair your hoverboard, replace it entirely (with a new or refurbished unit), or even issue a full refund (in some cases)

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Choosing the Best Hoverboard For Kids

Jul 10, 2016
Kids Hoverboards: What Ones Parents Should Buy For Their Kids

Helping Parents to Pick the Best Hoverboard for Kids

A friend needed the best hoverboard for his children. With Christmas approaching, parents begin the age-old problem of trying to figure out what good old St. Nick is going to be leaving under the Christmas tree. For some, it'll be a doll (action figure for boys), for others underwear (maybe my family was just weird), or the old favorite: a bicycle.

Scratch that. The bike has been replaced. We've evolved to the next era of transportation. Good-bye, bicycle. Hello, Hoverboard. Don't know what a hoverboard is? Keep reading and I'll share with you the best electric scooter to buy for kids.

Are Hoverboards Real?

The hoverboard that is now talked about is not the same one that you might envision in your mind. Today's hoverboard with wheels is not the magical floating board that was made famous in “Back to the Future II.”

Instead, the hoverboard or self-balancing scooter as they are sometimes called is a two-wheeled skateboard-like device. It features a pair of wheels each with a motor attached and an axle with two-foot pads to stand upon. The rider stands on the pads, and as they lean forward or back, the motors start accelerating.

How much are Hoverboards?

The prices for a hoverboard vary wildly so exactly how much hoverboards are will depend on which one you buy and where you buy it.

Though, the price is from $250-1200, though some shops go as high as $1800. A higher price doesn't mean that it is a better scooter to own, though.

Many of the models of hoverboard that are for sale come from the same maker; they just have different cases.  Find the cheapest hoverboards here.

Where Can You Buy a Hoverboard?

There are many shops online, Craigslist, and even the local classified ads are full of sellers trying to get your attention. While you might be able to find a great deal on a hoverboard there, you should be sure that the vendor is reputable. Unless you are very familiar with a hoverboard, the chances are that you would not recognize the differences between the brands. You could get scammed into paying more than you should for the one you buy. Or even worse, end up with a defective self-balancing scooter and stuck with no warranty to help get it repaired.

What's the Best Place to Buy A Hoverboard?

Hands down, you should buy your hoverboard on There's a reason that they are the number one online retailer. While it can be a pain to search sometimes (Though that's why this site is here, to help pull the good stuff out of Amazon) they still have nearly everything that you could want to buy available there.

Not only do they sell almost every brand of scooter, but you can also see reviews and ask vendors questions. Plus, they allow you to return unused items for 30 days. There's also the A-to-Z Guarantee to help cover you during the return process.

Good point, you said warranty…

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DIY Electric Scooter and Hoverboard Repairs

Jul 10, 2016
Hoverboard repairs you can do yourself, how to fix common issues

You've broken your hoverboard and desperately need to do a self balancing scooter repair like MacGyver. Relax, it's coming right up. For the everyone else. now that you've gotten…

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Customizing Your Self Balancing Scooter

Jul 10, 2016
How to customize your hoverboard

Customizing your scooter needs a guide, but it is still in the process of being finished. In the meantime, I need some feedback from you. What things are you interested in doing to your hoverboards/self-balancing scooter? Do you want to add paint jobs on the outside. Maybe vinyl wrapping the upper decks.

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An Exclusive First Look at the New Swagway Swagtron

Jun 30, 2016
The New Swagway Hoverboard, the Swagtron

It's here!

I'm working on getting together a complete post with all the details, but I wanted to get this posted as soon as i saw it.

Here's the release announcement video for the Swagtron.

If you want to see all the details, visit my Swagtron T1 review. I'll update this post when I have the full details.

Coming Soon: Swagtron Hoverboard

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Do you want the newest hoverboard? One that doesn't look like every other hoverboard? Maybe one that's got some personality?


What if it also had 4 Bluetooth speakers built into it also? Are you still interested?

The New Swagway Hoverboard, the Swagtron An Exclusive First Look at the New Swagway Swagtron

Introducing the Swagtron Hoverboard from Swagway, who also made the Swagway X1
Swagtron Hoverboard from Swagway

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Should I Buy A Hoverboard Extended Warranty?

Jun 19, 2016
A hoverboard protection plan is a no-brainer.

Do you have a hoverboard? A hoverboard protection plan from Squaretrade is probably one of the smartest purchases you could make. These plans give you extra protection for your hoverboard over and beyond what the manufacturer's warranty covers. Protect your investment after you buy a self balancing scooter.

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