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Hi and thanks for visiting the site. You've made it to the self-balancing scooter parts and hoverboard repairs area of the website.

That's not all that is here, though. I've also started to gather all the different ways that I can find to customize, hack, and tweak hoverboards and smart wheels. Keep scrolling down, and you'll see some of the stuff I've pulled together for you. And if you know of something that you think I should have included here, please let me know via the message box at the bottom of the page.


Find Electric Scooter Parts

This is the part of the website that you should love. In the links below, you'll find the best of the hoverboard replacement parts for any smart balance wheel or balance board, or even 2 wheeled electric balancing scooters.

How to Fix A Hoverboard/Self-Balancing Scooter Repairs

Is your hoverboard broken, or does your self-balancing scooter not work properly?


Visit the self-balancing scooter repairs page and you'll find troubleshooting steps for all the smart boards I've been able to find online.


I'm also trying to find more sources of troubleshooting steps and how-to guides to fix common problems people have.

Though if your hoverboard explodes, I don't know if you can fix that.

Essential Scooter Safety Gear

If nothing is broken or needing to be fixed lets keep it that way. Grab the best safety gear for riding your scooter. You should consider wearing a scooter helmet, knee pads, elbow pads, and wrist guards. While the safety gear might be a pain in the rear, you'll be glad you're wearing it if you ever need it.

Okay, so we've covered everything related to a broken hoverboard. Time to talk about adding bling to your two wheeled self balance board.

How to Customize A Hoverboard

I'm not saying to bedazzle your scooter, but I've found some awesome ways to create a custom self-balancing scooter.

Did you know that there's a company that makes scooter stickers and decals? You just take the heavy-duty vinyl stickers and stick them onto your scooter. Bam! Now you've got a personalized scooter.

Also, I've added as many scooter videos as i could find. the videos cover fixing and repairing all types of scooters

Most Recent Hoverboard Repair and Customization Articles

Hoverboard Accessories

Sep 29, 2016
Self Balancing Hoverboard Accessories And Extras

The best hoverboard accessories to go with your self balancing scooter. Beyond the accessories, I even go into detail showing why you don't want to buy one style of hoverboard case. Also there are hoverboard stickers and much more.

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Hoverboard Troubleshooting: Diagnose Flashing Lights

Sep 1, 2016
My hoverboard has red flashing lights, how do I fix it


Do the lights on your hoverboard keep flashing at you? Do the LEDs blink whenever you turn on your hoverboard? Maybe it was working fine, and then after a quick stop you went to turn it on, and now the lights keep turning on and off?

Is your hoverboard fried? Save $20 on the most ROBUST hoverboard on the market! Use coupon code “scooterera” – See Pricing Here

  1. Press and hold the power button for 10 seconds. After 10 seconds let go of the power.
  2. Try turning on your hoverboard.

When you turn the power on there, the LED lights will flash in a particular pattern. That will let you know the next steps that you need to do.



There's a loose cable or connection inside the scooter. Find a comfortable area to work on your hoverboard. You'll need a Phillips screwdriver. There should be 18 screws holes on the bottom of the scooter that you'll need to undo. Be careful when you open it up, some models have a cable that's connected to the part you are removing.

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What Parts Do I Need to Fix My Hoverboard?

Aug 29, 2016
Hoverboard Replacement Parts

The Tragic Moment When You Need Hoverboard Replacement Parts…

Your hoverboard is broken and you want to fix it. Here're the most common hoverboard replacement parts you'll need to fix your self-balancing scooter.

Worry not, soon this will be the place to come to find replacement parts for self-balancing scooters. If you need a repair shop, check out the scooter repairs page. Be sure to look at the customize your hoverboard page to learn how to make your hoverboard custom.

If you have any problems and need to fix your scooter, I can help. Or, if you are more the DIY type of person, here are many of the parts and accessories that you'll need. There are also several videos on how to use many of these replacements. Also, my YouTube channel has the best collection of how to repair a hoverboard videos all in one spot, be sure to check it out. You can also use some of these parts to customize your hoverboard and something like replacing a hoverboard shell is very straightforward.

[box type=”warning” align=”aligncenter” class=”” width=””]Because of certain restrictions in the Amazon affiliate program, there aren't any exact prices listed. This is because the price of the item might change between when the article was published and when the item might be purchased. I'm working on finding a better tool so that I can list the actual current prices, but until then, I will assign it one $ for every $20 in price. Something that's $20 would be $. [/box]

Wheels and Motor Assemblies for Your Self Balancing Scooter

Replacement 10″ Hoverboard Wheels (Set of 2)

If you've somehow ended damaging your hoverboard that you need to replace both wheels, let me ask this: Are you OK?

All joking aside, it takes some work to damage the wheels on your hoverboard enough that you need to replace them. This is a set of 2 10-inch wheel assemblies for a self-balancing scooter. Did you know that if you bought a hoverboard from Amazon that they have an impressive extended warranty for self-balancing scooters? You wouldn't have to be reading this page if you had., but I appreciate your visit.

Replacement 10 Inch Wheel Assemblies for D@Boards (Set of 2) and self-balance scooter hoverboards

10 Inch Wheel Assemblies for D@Boards (Set of 2) and self-balance scooter hoverboards

Sale Price: $$$$$$$

  • Availability: Usually ships in 1-2 business days
  • Free Shipping: No
  • Brand: D@Boards Product
  • Summary: This is a replacement set of wheels or upgrades to 10 inch wheels on hoverboards and other self balance scooters
  • Feature 1: Durable Rubber Tire
  • Feature 2: Replacement Wheels
  • Feature 3: Includes Inner Tube
  • Feature 4: Compatible with all hoverboards
  • Feature 5: 10 inch diameter
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Hoverboard Troubleshooting 101: Calibrating a Hoverboard

Aug 27, 2016
Calibrating your hoverboard is quick and easy and will solve many problems

Your hoverboard has a red blinking light that flashes and won't let you use it.

Maybe whenever you ride your hoverboard, it turns to one side slower than the other. That would be great if this were NASCAR. Make sure you wear a helmet when riding.

Unfortunately, this is your brand new hoverboard. Don't worry; this is a common problem, and I'll teach you how to fix it in a couple of minutes.

Before I get into that, though, I'd like to introduce you to the what I hope will become a resource for anyone looking to troubleshoot a hoverboard.

Since they are such a new product, little information has been created with a step-by-step guide to troubleshooting and repairing self-balancing scooters.

This article is the first post in a series: Hoverboard Troubleshooting 101: Recalibrating Your Hoverboard.

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UL-2272 The New Hoverboard Safety Standards

Jul 16, 2016
UL 2272 self-balancing electric scooter electrical systems safety standard

Hoverboards are coming back! Remember how big of a craze hoverboards were for Christmas 2015? At least they were until they started catching things on fire, or even worse, deciding to explode. That’s not to mention the countless videos of people falling off of a hoverboard. The situation became so bad that the Consumer Products Safety Commission advised people not to buy them.

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Customizing Your Self Balancing Scooter

Jul 10, 2016
How to customize your hoverboard

Customizing your scooter needs a guide, but it is still in the process of being finished. In the meantime, I need some feedback from you. What things are you interested in doing to your hoverboards/self-balancing scooter? Do you want to add paint jobs on the outside. Maybe vinyl wrapping the upper decks.

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DIY Electric Scooter and Hoverboard Repairs

Jul 10, 2016
Hoverboard repairs you can do yourself, how to fix common issues

You've broken your hoverboard and desperately need to do a self balancing scooter repair like MacGyver. Relax, it's coming right up. For the everyone else. now that you've gotten…

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Should I Buy A Hoverboard Extended Warranty?

Jun 19, 2016
A hoverboard protection plan is a no-brainer.

Do you have a hoverboard? A hoverboard protection plan from Squaretrade is probably one of the smartest purchases you could make. These plans give you extra protection for your hoverboard over and beyond what the manufacturer's warranty covers. Protect your investment after you buy a self balancing scooter.

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Hoverboard Safety Gear: Stay Injury Free and Safe

Jun 10, 2016
Required Hoverboard Safety Gear

Safely using a hoverboard isn't difficult, but accidents can happen. If you have these simple pieces of safety gear you'll never have any issues.

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