Customizing Your Self Balancing Scooter

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Customizing Your Hoverboard

Here's some easy ways to customizing your hoverboard that won't leave you broke.  I'm working on a bigger and better guide, but it is still in the process of being finished. In the meantime, you should visit my blog on hoverboarding.  But first  I need some feedback from you. What things are you interested in doing to your hoverboards/self-balancing scooter?

I know: spinners!

When someone finally starts selling hoverboard spinners, that's the day everyone needs to take their smart board and either smash them upon the ground or return them to the manufacturer.
But while I am still working on creating my wonderful guide “20 Ways to Customize Your Self Balancing Scooter”, other people are hard at work painting and sculpting, and generally bad-assifying their boards. Check out some of these customizations that I found.

Here's a guy who's a Ninja Turtle Self Balancing Scooter, along with some awesome kicks.


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Andaluz is on top of the latest trends and understands being unique. Watch what he does in this Youtube video.


Fix up your self balancing scooter aka Hoverboard for less than $20. You won't believe how simple it is and what you can you use to do so!

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This week , I show you guys how to customize your very own hoverboard! The easy way! With things you can find at literally any Wal-Mart!

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But hold on a second!
In the course of doing some research for this article, I just found the coolest things.
What is it you might ask?
The Mightyskins:

Vinyl Decals for Hoverboards

That's right, there are decals now that you can use to customize your self balancing scooter. No longer will you have to suffer the indignity of your hoverboard matching anyone else's self balancing scooter. These heavy-duty vinyl stickers have a high gloss ink for vibrant colors. They also feature a clear coat protective layer to offer amazing durability and protection from scratches.  So it not only covers over the ton of scratches that are on your hoverboard (Don't worry, everyone has them.) The application process is easy, especially since the Mightyskins use a special adhesive that allows you to re-position the decals on your self balancing board.
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