IO Hawk

Before anyone should buy a Segway it is important to know how to use one and to know how it works. Segway’s are battery operated and depending upon which model you buy they can take anywhere from six to eight hours to fully charge. On a full charge a good Segway should be able to travel about 20km before needing to be recharged again. The battery charge should always be found in the middle of the board, it will be a bright light so you always know roughly how long until you need to plug it in again.

When you first step on the Segway you might be a little confused as to which part is the front and which is the back. The Segway should have light sensors on the front of the board, that is usually how you can tell if you are on it the correct way.

Segway’s or (hover boards) are not easy to get control of the first couple times that you use them, so make sure you have someone else there to hold on to on your first try. You will also want to try riding somewhere free of obstacles.

Initially you will try to hold your hands out to balance yourself, but this will actually interrupt what the Segway is trying to do. It is best you just keep your hands at your side and let the Segway do all the work. First though you have to find a great Segway for sale.


Segway’s are a great way of transportation if you want to avoid the crowded busses or trains that people usually take in the morning to go to work. Segway’s are also very light and easily transportable. The average Segway only weighs around 18 pounds, which means if you ever want to get off and carry it over your shoulder it will not weigh a lot and slow you down.

Unlike normally forms of transportation that might use gas, the Segway is very environmentally friendly using only electricity. The Segway is also virtually silent so you can use it night or day without bothering anyone else with unwanted noise.

The Segway is especially handy if you have recently had a minor injury and cant walk or run without pain, using the board will actually give you the time needed to fully heal from your injury. This being said though if you have any serious injuries you should consult a doctor before using a Segway as a form of transportation.


The type of battery that the Segway uses is important and can give you an idea of how long the Segway can stay charged. Max speed varies from Segway to Segway so if going as fast as possible is what you are looking for than you will want to look closely at the max speed. The wheel size is something that people often overlook, but this is extremely important, you don’t want to buy a Segway that has really tiny wheels because that means the bottom will be very close to the ground, and as we all know the ground is bumpy and rocky and therefore can ruin the bottom of the board if the wheel are too tiny. How far the board can go on one charge is something to look closely at, the last thing you want is to be halfway to work and the board stop on you, make sure you pay attention to how far each board can go on one charge before you purchase a Segway. Most users of a Segway happen to be children but paying attention to the weight limit is something to take note of, Segway’s can hold a fair amount of weight but you don’t want to buy one if you exceed the weight limit. This is also important when carrying anything while riding, if you are carrying anything that puts you over the weight limit you could damage the Segway.

A cool feature to look for is Bluetooth speakers, if you enjoy music and are riding somewhere there isn’t a lot of people then Bluetooth speakers playing your favorite song while you ride doesn’t seem like such a bad idea, along with speakers having a smart key attached is a good idea also, this allows you to feel safe that know one else but you can start the Segway. And last but not least you will want to pay attention to the price. The cost of a Segway can vary from around $250-$800.

Below is a list of four Segway brands that are said to be the best.

IO Hawk

IO Hawk For sell

The IO Hawk has a maximum speed of around 6.2mph and can run for distances of about 12 miles before you would need to recharge. The IO Hawk weighs in at about 25 pounds and is also able to carry up to around 285pounds, which is probably way more than needed. Before using this product you should charge the Segway for about 6 hours prior to your first use. This Segway is very good as long as the ground is nice and smooth, you should avoid rough spots and definitely don’t try to ride it on the grass, you will probably fall.

Future Foot

Future Foot

The Future Foot Segway has a maximum speed of 12mph and can run for distances of about 12 miles before you would need to recharge. The Future Foot Segway has a wider platform than the other Segway’s in this article, this allows for a better balance for people who might have big feet. The wheels on the Future Foot Segway are 8 inches, which allows you to ride on slightly rougher ground, the one issue though, is the wheels are made out of rubber which makes for a bumpier ride. This Segway is able to carry up to an amazing 325 pounds.



The Wonfast Segway has a maximum speed of about 6.2mph and can run for distances of about 10 miles before you would need to recharge. Out of all the Segway’s in tis article the Wonfast is probably the best looking out of them all, so if style is your main purpose then this is the Segway for you, it has a very sleek design and built in Bluetooth speakers so you can listen to music while you ride. The Wonfast is 27 pounds which means it is easily transportable and durable, being able to carry up to around 265 pounds

Skque 10 inch wheel self balancing board

Skque 10 inch wheel self balancing board

The Skque 10 inch wheel self-balancing board has a maximum speed of around 10mph and can run for distances of about 12 miles before you would need to recharge. Weighing in at around 30 pounds shouldn’t make you think twice about this Segway. The 10-inch inflatable wheels are much better on bumpier roads and create a kind of cushion while you ride. Overall the Skque is very fast and it allows you to go at top speed without too much fear of crashing because of its 10-inch wheels. Just like the other Segway’s the Skque turning radium is zero, meaning you can maneuver in small spaces. If you are really drawn towards having speakers you can upgrade your Skque Segway to have them. Lastly this Segway has a great charging speed, usually taking 1-2 hours for it to fully charge.


Overall owning a Segway or a hover board can be either a fun activity or a means of transportation. All of the brands named above have unique qualities meaning you have options when buying one. Lots of celebrities are seen riding around on these in their houses and around the set of a movie or TV show. Segway’s are great at parties for showing off to your friends or just being used as a means to get to work. Research all these Segway’s in depth before you make a decision because like stated above, they all have unique qualities and you want to make sure that you purchase the right one for you. They can be pretty pricey so buying one and then figuring out that you don’t like it probably isn’t something you want to do. Most of these Segways you have to order and come from china, meaning once you order one you will probably be waiting at least a couple of weeks before it arrives, so if you are buying for a special day make sure you plan in advance. But once it arrives there is no doubt you will be having fun and zipping around in no time.