Looking for a hoverboard like the Swagway X1, only better?  The SE One from ScooterEra offers amazing value, with improvements such as:


  • Even safer:  Not only are the SE One’s battery and charger UL Certified, the entire hoverboard itself is certified under UL Certification UL-2272
  • Reduced weight:  While the X1 comes in at a whopping 28 lbs, the SE One from ScooterEra weighs only 22 lbs, making it easier to transport and carry around!
  • Stronger construction:  The SE One is made from the same high-quality aluminum alloy construction, but has an increased maximum weight limit of 264 lbs
 Item/Certificate SE One from ScooterEra Swagway X1
UL-Certified hoverboard
UL-Certified battery
UL-Certified charger
Weight of hoverboard 22 lbs 28 lbs
Max. weight capacity 264 lbs 220 lbs